Open-air adventure like you've never experienced before!

Step 1: Rebuild Door Surrounds

The entire SUNTOP system relies on our hardware that rebuilds the factory door surrounds. This hardware gives the fabric top something to connect to, creates a weather proof seal around the doors, and gives the rear window kits something to attach to. It also has a bar across the top of the windshield that provides a strong connection for the front of the top. 

Step 2: Attach Top

One the hardware is in place, the top fabric simply attaches to the front bar and rolls back and forth to open and close. When it's closed, the edge of the top fits perfectly into a groove in the door surround hardware for a tight seal. Simply attach the straps to the rear clips and you're good to go!

Step 3: Rear Windows

The final piece of the kit is the Cargo Window Kit or Fastback Window Kit. Both of the kits attach in the same way. They attach at the top to the rear roll cage, vertically to the hardware door surrounds, and around the perimeter of the trunk.