Open-air adventure like you've never experienced before!

JL Cargo Top - 4 Door

  • Two-piece design for open air driving
  • Easily roll roof for an open top
  • Rain, wind, and dust proof
  • Large DOT approved rear window
  • Durable vinyl coated marine grade fabric
  • Easy installation that includes windshield channel
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

The SUNTOP Cargo Top for the 4 Door Jeep JL provides the sporty look you're after while protecting you from the elements. This versatile top can be run fully closed for an all-season soft-top, or simply roll the top forward and tuck away the windows for an open-air drive that only a Jeep can provide! 

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: All of our Bowless Soft Tops are made from durable, weather resistant, vinyl coated marine grade fabric available in three colors. This high strength, fade resistant fabric will ensure your Wrangler looks good for years to come. 

ROOMERANG CONCEPT: The Patent Pending ROOMERANG gives your JL top the perfect design, enough loading volume and a longer Top, which means a complete sun protection when sun becomes stronger. It gives the benefit of an arch inside the top but without its limits. It's fitted on original threaded holes on the rollcage. It can be fitted upside-down when you want to have a full "naked" look, opening top and windows. An easier and modern solution following function and Jeep Style. 

SIMPLE TO INSTALL: This top has been specifically designed to easily install with basic hand tools in about an hour. No drilling required. 

REAR SEAT BELTS: In order to properly use the rear seat belts with a Cargo Top, a small incision will need to be made in the rear of the top. Small rubber reinforcements have been added to strengthen this area. Simply detach the bottom of the seat belt behind the rear seat and feed it through the incision. If you do not wish to use the rear seat belts, you can simply wrap them in the roll cage covers. 

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: This includes the fabric top, rear cargo windows, door surrounds, windshield bar, tailgate bar, and all required hardware to install the top. Nothing from the factory hard or soft top is used. 

    This kit includes both the JL 4 Door U4 Top, JL 4 Door U4 Cargo Windows and all hardware.

    Fits 2018 and newer 4 Door Jeep Wrangler JL